Pinion sprocket rollers P1C – P2C: Polyamide or steel pinion sprockets, steel or PVC tube, suited also for food applications

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These rollers have the same features of 135 series, but with a fixed head, pressed directly on the steel tube end Ø 50x1,5 with tight interference and swaged, without the element situated in between the tube end. The transmission with the Poly-V flexible belts is a new and performing system. The drive head is made of Polyamide black colour with 9 grooves for V-rib, pitch 2,34 mm J profile, ISO 9981 DIN 7867. So the transmission can be completely framed inside the profile with minimum sizes, ensuring maximum efficiency. The standard Poly-V belts have 2 ribs but it is possible to use belts with 3 or 4 ribs max. Even when using elastic belts with only 2 ribs, a transfer of twice the amount as that delivered by comparable round belts is possible. This standard 2-rib belt allows to loop 20 rollers with a central driving and with a handling speed up to 2 m/s in a silent way. The rollers have precision radial ball bearings 6002-2RZ.